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Welcome to Tales of Tricksters.

This is A Tale of Tricksters a comic about the myths and legends of ancient times. However, instead of only being about GREEK legends, these tales of old are ones that have usually been overlooked. Unlike OTHER stories and main medias, these myths are following true to the tales of the Tricksters. Coyote, Raven and Fox from Native American mythology, Set/Sutekh/Seth from Egyptian mythology, and Loki from Norse mythology with many more to come. I myself hate it when mystical creatures and mythical figures are butchered in modern media- I wish to be able to fix some of this damage, bringing this comic into light. I have added a bit of my own flavour to them, but they will stay good and true to their origins.

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Rei Yami Hikari
Posted by Rei Yami Hikari
December 15th, 2010, 8:52 pm
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If you have noticed that I haven't updated, there is a good reason.it's not just school (Although that is a contributing factor) it turns out there is something wrong with my pancreas, and a lot of the doctor's appointments and the stomach aches are biting into my time.

I will try to update, but I cannot make any promises.

I'm very sorry and I'm very dissapointed because I had a big december project in mind.

Until further notice, updates will be sporradic and I am sorry. thanks for your patience.

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Birthdays, Contests and Resources

Rei Yami Hikari
Posted by Rei Yami Hikari
November 3rd, 2010, 8:29 am
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Happy November, people!

A few things of news:

First off, I'm changing the comic title from 'A Tale of Tricksters' to 'Tales of Tricksters' There's a few reasons why.

-People were calling it Tales of Tricksters anyways
-A Tale of Tricksters makes it sound like it's all of them in only one story, which it isn't
- And the abbreviation of A Tale of Tricksters, ATOT, seems to be a rude word in Tagalog. I'm Filipino, so I should know how to speak it, but I don't.


As for a schedule. I'll probably update the comic once or twice a week. Maybe even three times a week. Since I don't have a poll because I don't have an upgraded account, please oh please comment what days you think would be best. I'm trying to get back into the daily thing, but school is in the way of that. thanks.


I'm glad that a lot of people find my comic Educating, since that's pretty much why it was made. I get a lot of comments saying so "You're more educational than my Social Studies teacher!" and all of that. This makes me very, very happy.

I've been asked to have my comic used as a reference for projects and essays, which makes me proud and if you want to, feel free to as long as you have the website referenced with my name.

I try to make my comic as accurate as possible, and it makes me happy that people appreciate it.

However, a few days ago, I got something that rocked my world.

A teacher from my school caught me working on my comic in class (oops) and instead of chewing me out for it, they asked me what it was and I got into explaining.

By an amazing coincidence, the teacher just happened to be teaching about the Native Americans and their culture in another one of her classes. I was asked to bring in my comic and read it over with them, and give a little seminar.

Just imagine that! me, a lowly little grade ten student teaching and telling my stories to a class older than I am.

It was a very great experience, and the class was very amazing. If you were in that class, and you're reading this right now, thanks for your attention, and I hope I'll have more chances like that in the future!!!



I'm putting this out there in advance. Some of you by now might be familiar with the star of our next mythos, the Egyptians. He is Set, god of darkness, power, storms, the desert, evil and courage. He's an interesting character to say the least.

I hope to get his chapter up and running very soon.


His birthday (according to our calendar) is coming up next month.

his birthdate is vaguely described in the myths, and I was able to figure it out.

I figured out that He was born on the 362nd day of the year, after a bit of number crunching. And after a bit more, I deduced that according to our calendar, his birthday is the twenty-eighth of December.

To celebrate his special day, I'm making him something special, and I'd like to inform you people out there that, if you want to, making him a little present might be appreciated too. If I get enough entries, I'll get a little prize going.

And that's the end of this update. See you!

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Rei Yami Hikari
Posted by Rei Yami Hikari
September 11th, 2010, 11:00 pm
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hey there!

Sorry about the sorradic updates or lack thereof.
Rei's making cool new suff. A Tale of Tricksers school has begun, and that's being a roadblock, but I'll try to give you your upates as often as possible. The next page is drawn out, bu another project has taken its oll on the production of color, but it's something ATOT related, I swear!!

Keychains and a bunch of other cool pictures. i'm trying to see if I can mail these babies out to anyone who wants to buy them. We're going to have a trial run to see if this will work when I send them out.

I'm mailing Glsgow Smile (the LOVE bookmark) and Chelsea Grin to someone very special- without her, there would be no A Tale of tricksters, so give her props for her amazingness.

also working on shirts and stuff, so sit tight.

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Rei Yami Hikari
Posted by Rei Yami Hikari
August 26th, 2010, 2:22 pm
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well, you can at Toronto's FANEXPO!!!

you can meet ME, too. hurhur.

Well, I will be attending the nerd hotpot known as FanExpo. I hope to see you there!!!!

Keep an eye out for Reirei in the following forms:

FRIDAY: Revolution! America (Axis Powers Hetalia)


SUNDAY: Quote, the mischevious robot (Cave Story)

There will be pictures, oh yes there will be.

I will be carrying the Sexy Joe sign around on the Saturday (duh. It has an arrow and says "THE RETURN OF SEXY JOE!" (now showing in an artist alley near you.)

and a "SAVE THE GIANT FLYING ISLAND JELLYFISH DEMIGOD!" sign on the other days. I'll probably be seen stalking in the Artist Alley.

Stalk me there!

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Rei Yami Hikari
Posted by Rei Yami Hikari
August 2nd, 2010, 5:47 pm
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Yep, a vacation.

I'm going to the cottage next week with the family for seven days.

There is no internet or computers, and, obviously, that means there will be no updates.

For the seven days, I invite you viewers to send me art or mini-comics to fill the void.

If you want to, just send it in a message to me.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you guys!

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Rei Yami Hikari
Posted by Rei Yami Hikari
July 25th, 2010, 11:56 pm
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Well, gee. Hey people, this is my first webcomic site!

Starting out is going to be pretty rocky, but I hope that you people out there in the internet like it!

During the summer, I should be updating just about every single day! Wowee!

Well, I hope you see what you like and like what you see.
I'm pretty excited.

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